How does the grieving process relate to gynecology, you ask? I have found that over the years, my patients frequently (through various diseases and problems they are having) suffer with the grieving process and not moving through that properly.

The 4 Stages of Grief

Denial: Patients that are suffering from unusual symptoms such as painful intercourse, bleeding, or bladder pain may stay in this stage for a while hoping that their symptoms will improve or disappear. There are a lot of reasons that patients go into denial and don't address the issue. When it finally reaches a crucial point where they are suffering long enough, they make an appointment to come into the office.

Anger: When patients come in to the office they have typically left the denial phase and have realized that their life has taken a detour and that we're going to have to do something about it. When a patient is diagnosed with a condition or disease, they generally become very frustrated. "Why do I have to go through this?", "Why did this happen to me?" are very common questions I hear from patients. These patients are now dealing with anger.

Psychiatrists have done studies and show that the most important phase for them to get through is Anger. We don't want you directing your anger at your significant other or support system. Thus, I like to sit down with my patients and make recommendations of ways to deal with that anger.

Sadness: You will naturally move into Sadness. During this phase you may cry and be sad that you are having to deal with your condition or disease. This phase will pass and you will then move into Resolution.

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