Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Davis performs laparoscopic outpatient surgery at Skyway Surgery Center in Chico, California. These are small incisions that are 5 mm, usually anywhere from 3-4 incisions, that are utilized to remove endometriosis, take care of cysts, take away adhesions, and remove some tumors. Each of these patients, in addition to general anesthetic, gets a spinal narcotic to take away pain not only during the surgery but for up to 24-36 hours afterwards. This is something unique to our surgery center and our anesthesiologists. They have custom-made a treatment plan for you that allows you to wake up with no pain and no nausea (in most cases). This is very important because if you can wake up after surgery and not have any pain or nausea, your recovery is cut in half.

Laparoscopic outpatient hysterectomy is now available at Skyway Surgery Center, and once again, we use three small 5 mm incisions, and most of the surgery, in fact 90% of it, is done laparoscopically. The remaining 10% is done vaginally to remove the uterus and tubes and ovaries if we are removing those. The vagina is then closed in three layers. We come back up into the abdomen, rinse everything out, and then we glue the incisions and Band-Aids are placed, then your recovery is very rapid because you are not having pain because of the spinal medicine that is working, so most women can go home in 3-4 hours after surgery. They are soaking in the bathtub the night of surgery, are driving within 72 hours, they are able to shower, bathe, swim, jacuzzi within 24 hours.

Cystoscopy is an outpatient procedure we do at Skyway Surgery Center. This a very short, less than 12 minute procedure to diagnose interstitial cystitis and start the treatment process with hydrodistention, and also placing medication to begin the healing process. To continue the healing process, you will be coming to our office twice a week for bladder instillations.

Hysteroscopy is a small scope that we use to take a look up through the cervix into the uterine cavity to look for polyps, to look for fibroids, to look for tumors, and to remove those if necessary, and sometimes permanently burn or remove that lining so as to hopefully stop periods. This doesn't cause much pain. These surgeries are done in a fairly short period of time, probably less than 30-45 minutes, and you are able to go home an hour later and can resume normal activities that same evening and certainly by the next day.

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