Understanding PMS

A normal menstrual cycle lasts 21-34 days. The day before your cycle starts your estrogen is at its absolute lowest. A signal is sent to your brain notifying it of the low estrogen. Your brain, in need of more estrogen, stimulates hormones to pick an egg in your ovary. As that egg is picked, your body starts to make estrogen. As your estrogen level rises, your body starts the ovulation process. During ovulation, your estrogen level is at its peak. At this time, progesterone levels also rise in anticipation of a pregnancy. When there is no pregnancy, your progesterone depletes and the lining of your uterus sheds causing your period.

PMS symptoms are the decrease of your estrogen levels before your period. For some ladies, their estrogen plummets falling below the "normal" amount of estrogen causing PMS. You may get mood swings, headache, anger, craving, vaginal dryness, and you just don't feel good during that time. All you need to do is raise your estrogen during this time period to help alleviate symptoms.

Interesting fact: Women with postpartum depression are experiencing low and suppressed estrogen levels and a high level of progesterone. You can also take a natural, low dose estrogen to help curb the effects of postpartum depression.

Avaialble Treatments

We take a natural, plant based estrogen (available in patches, creams, sprays, and more) that you will apply when you realize you begin to notice your symptoms. That treatment starts to work in about 4 hours. Your estrogen level stays up, avoiding PMS symptoms. You then stop treatment when your period starts.

MonaLisa Touch® Available Here!

MonaLisa Touch® was specially developed to restore vaginal health. The laser treatment is painless, quick and doesn’t require downtime, yet it reverses the changes that occur at menopause, such as vaginal dryness and loss of elasticity.

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